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Cute Nail Polish Colors for Summer

Looking for some cute nail polish colors for the summer?  Well we’ve got you covered!  For the summer nail polish colors you want to think bright, fun, and flirty.  You want to go for nail polish colors that make you feel good.  Take advantage of the season and have fun with your summer nail polish colors! :-)

  1. One of my absolute favorite nail polish colors for summer is a minty green color.  Although its not bright neon color, it is a bright pastel which is just as attention grabbing and a great summer nail polish color. China Glaze has a really perfect shade like this called Re-Fresh Mint.  We also have a great shade like this called Summers Eve :-) .

  2. One of my next summer nail polish favorites is a Bright Pink.  You really cant go wrong with a pink, especially a bright fun shade of pink in the summer. Nars has a great shade called Schiap which is the perfect pink.  Our perfect pink shade is called Popstar Pink and is a great nail polish color for the summer.

  3. Another great shade for summer is our Citrus Splash shade.  Which is a great bright orange color with a tiny bit of shimmer.  Perfect nail polish color for the summer and very wearable for both work and fun!

  4. Now if your really ready to go bright, neon, fun and fearless I would suggest In the Lime Light by China Glaze which is a great bright green color.  This a very bold and daring color which makes it a great nail polish color for the summer.

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How to Do Nail Art Designs for Beginners

This is a post and a tutorial on how to do nail art designs for beginnersNail Art designs for beginners do n0t have to be boring or basic!  The color used as a base is actually a really nice glittery black shade called City Lights by Finger Sweets in the Nail Art Shop.  Im sure brands like OPI, China Glaze etc. may have similar shades if were sold out :-)

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Easy Hand Painted Nail Art

Easy hand painted Nail Art can look just as professional and unique as some of the more difficult nail art. Sometimes a simple contrast in nail polish colors creates a really cool effect! In order to create hand painted nail art that is easy to do , you can start with a basic base color and add to the manicure with a nail art pen in a different shade. For example start with a red nail polish like Little Red Dress by Finger Sweets or you can try Cha Ching Cherry by OPI. Then take a blue nail art pen which can be found here in the Nail Art Shop section, and draw lines across, diagonal, horizontal whatever you’d like. The two very different colors combined will create a beautiful look! The key to being creative is just that, Don’t be afraid! Whatever you don’t like you can simply take off and try a new combo! Find videos, tutorials, and nail art and care products at

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