Easy Nail Polish Stickers

If your looking for a simple alternative to perfectly designed nails, easy nail polish stickers might be your best bet. There are several different types of nail polish stickers on the market that are quite easy to apply.  These easy to apply nail polish stickers vary in how they are applied, and how much of the nail is covered.  Finger Sweets offers fairly simple and easy nail polish sticker options.  We have nail art stickers which can be worn to cover the whole nail, half of the nail or added to your manicure if you want to spice things up!

  1. The first and most popular of our easy nail polish sticker are our nail stickers/nail tattoos.  These are applied to completely cover the nail with a fun creative design.  They are applied fairly easily in 3 simple steps, first cut the cut the correct size for the nail and submerge in water for about 20 seconds, next peel the nail sticker from the white paper and place onto the nail, lastly apply your Finger Sweets Top Coat or whatever top coat you have, completely covering your nail and the sticker!  Check out a video demonstration here.  The come in several cool patterns and designs! Check them out.

  2. We also have easy nail stickers that can be applied directly over your nail polish to add a little fun.  You can apply these nail art stickers on top of your favorite nail polish color or on top of your plain nails.  These are very easy to apply, simply remove and place onto the nails .  You may want to apply a top coat on top for security.  These are a fun way to spice up any plain manicure!

  3. Our next easy nail polish sticker is a fun twist on the traditional French Manicure Design.  It is called the French Edge Nail Sticker.   Instead of the traditional white French tip this sticker is designed and you can just apply them to part of the nail, just as you would a french tip design.  These nail art stickers are also very easy to apply, simply place the nail sticker where you want your french design to start, then file the excess sticker down completely down to your nail length and size, then apply your top coat! Heres a video demonstration ;-)

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